ABC 7 Chicago Covers El Valor's Commitment Throughout COVID-19

“This is my heart, I love what I’m doing. I love making sure the individuals have a smile on their face.”

-Jacqueline Johnson, El Valor Direct Support Professional

Courage is most recognizable in difficult times. As many individuals in our community have placed themselves at risk to serve others in this time of need, El Valor’s staff have similarly sacrificed their personal interests for the well-being of our programs’ over 4,000 children, adults with disabilities, and families who need us now more than ever. Stacey Baca and ABC7 recently highlighted the stories of some of our heroes who have sacrificed to continue serving El Valor’s vulnerable community. You can view the coverage here.

For our adults with disabilities, our Direct Support Professionals have risen to the challenge. Despite being tasked with responsibilities that require 24/7 attention and care on a good day, many of our staff have taken it upon themselves to live in our residential homes for adults with disabilities (and away from their families) for the next 30 days to ensure our residents are cared for during the current COVID-19 crisis. Dozens of other staff members continue to serve around the clock to carry out their essential duties despite the challenges posed during the current crisis.

For our early childhood families, El Valor’s staff remain on-site at multiple facilities for assistance and support. Unemployment and underemployment is especially impacting our immigrant community and resulting in requests for food, assistance with shelter, and basic needs like diapers for infants. We will continue to do everything that we can to ensure the safety of our community.


Our children, adults with disabilities, and families need you now, more than ever. A donation in any amount will connect our staff, adults with disabilities, and families with the supplies and care they need during this crisis.

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