Developmental Training

El Valor’s Developmental Training programs prepare adults 18 years of age or older to live and function in integrated social settings. Adults who have more severe physical and developmental challenges can receive training in areas such as communication, socialization, life enrichment, recreations skills and vocational skills.

The primary aim of the program is to increase the individual independence, self-esteem and integration into the community. This program has multiple components, and includes the follow focuses discussed below in addition to the above mentioned programming.

Senior Services

As modern medicine and interventions have been developed, the lives of many individuals with disabilities have extended. Unfortunately, the system is not ready for this population. El Valor has begun expanding its programs to provide specific activities geared towards this special population.


Autism Services

El Valor has recently opened an Autism Center that provides services for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  Individuals participate in an environment that focuses on structure and personalization.  The room contains a sensory room, iPads for individual use, and individual supports based on need.


Technology Services

El Valor’s state of the art Transitional Technology Learning Lab includes a ten step curriculum in order to ensure that individuals are gaining experience in their skill level.  Classes include lessons of goals such as money skills, basic computer skills, job training, and hygiene skills. The room contains a projector and apple tv to create an interactive environment that promotes self esteem for participants.


Life Skills Services

El Valor’s Life Skills Services include programming that focuses specifically on independent living.  These skills include, laundry, ironing, basic cooking skills, and cleanliness in their home environment. The purpose of this room is to prepare individuals for independent living.