Family Engagement

El Valor develops relationships with the families of the children in the program to increase communication, self-esteem and serve as motivation to grow and learn as a family. El Valor offers families learning opportunities, such as:

  • Raising a Thinking Child, a research-based parent curriculum that improves communication between parents and children
  • Child Development
  • Financial Education
  • Environmental Conservation Training for Parents ( Monarch Program )
  • CPR/ First Aid
  • Food Sanitation Certification
  • Parenting Curriculum Baby TALK 
  • Relationship-based approach for all activities with families
  • Importance of inclusive practices for children with special needs
  • Empowerment to advocate as child’s first and most important teacher

Mis Padres, Mis Maestros / My Parents, My Teachers

MIS PADRES, MIS MAESTROS / MY PARENTS, MY TEACHERS is another research-based curriculum utilized by El Valor. The program includes an educational video and interactive parent discussion group. El Valor staff will present the video and facilitate a discussion to emphasize the importance of playing, reading, talking, and singing to children. The bilingual English and Spanish video features parents involved in everyday routines and activities with their children. This resource kit will coach parents on how the first years of a child’s life are critical to lifelong learning and development and will reinforce that parents are a child’s best and most important teachers. In order to strengthen awareness of the importance of early education and parental involvement to the future success of children,

El Valor will continue to provide parents with My Parents, My Teachers/ Mis Padres, Mis Maestros video, which has been included in a National Public Service Campaign and as a series of English and Spanish language Public Service Announcements distributed nationally to television, radio, and print media. Furthermore, El Valor staff has established a cadre of trained parents, who will lead My Parents, My Teachers/ Mis Padres, Mis Maestros discussion groups with their peer families.

Raising a Thinking Child

RAISING A THINKING CHILD utilizes techniques of non-violent conflict-resolution and critical thinking skills through empathic dialogue to prevent depression, child abuse, and domestic violence; decrease stress; and improve relationships with children and spouses. Parents are invited to participate in this 8 week course, during which trained staff will educate parents on concepts that teachers will implement daily in the classrooms through the I Can Problem Solve curriculum. RATC parents will recognize their current parenting style, evaluate forms of communication and develop a new set of skills for interacting with their children and for parenting non-violently.