New SMART Classrooms Bring Hi-Tech to El Valor

At El Valor, we believe it is a social justice imperative that individualsĀ in underserved communities are able to interact with the same technology their peers have access to in more affluent communities. There are computers in every classroom, iPads available for educational play, and STEAM subjects are introduced at a young age. We want our children to grow up knowing they can be the next generation of doctors, scientists, engineers, and astronauts. We want our adults with disabilities to be technologically literate and have competitive rolesĀ in the job market.

Thanks to the generosity of two of our key funders, El Valor has created two pilot SMART Board classrooms–one in our Cantu Children & Family Center (funded by the US Forest Service) and one in our Inclusion Center (funded by Comcast)–that inspire our instructors to create multimedia lesson plans and encourages children as well as adults with disabilities to be active participants in learning.

Thank you Comcast and US Forest Service for your critical role in minimizing the technology gap for the underprivileged and underserved.