Parents Are Teachers / Mis Padres, Mis Maestros

A Public Service Announcement by El Valor
El Valor’s latest initiative, Parents are Teachers/Mis Padres, Mis Maestros, empowers parents to become a part of their child’s education beginning at birth. Listen to each PSA below and download by right-clicking on the corresponding link.
Research conducted by the University of Kansas discovered that children’s vocabulary differs greatly across income groups. Within the first four years of life, children from high-income families will hear 30 million more words than children from low-income families. The implications of this word gap are far-reaching, ensuring slower growth for children who are economically disadvantaged.

El Valor is taking action to reverse this gap and its long-term effects. Four new, nationally distributed PSAs in English and Spanish encourage parents to speak to their young children in full sentences, engage them in play, and read to them. As part of this campaign, El Valor will provide resources to help parents give their children an early start within four core learning areas: communication, reading, music, and play.

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This campaign is made possible in part by the generous support of the City of Chicago and the hard work and expertise of the staff at Rocket Productions Chicago.