At El Valor, we believe that everyone regardless of race, income, age, or ability should have access to technology. In an effort to make this belief a reality, we have worked hard to receive grants to purchase a variety of technology to be used in our facilities including- Smart Boards, iPads, desk top computers, chrome books, apple televisions, iPods, and other assistive technology.

The use of the technology has created opportunities for the individuals to communicate and learn in a manner that is most appropriate for them. It is has also created a level of excitement and confidence as individuals utilize the technology to work in groups and with their peers. Providing individuals with new ways to complete their individualized tasks and goals has improved their ability to fully integrate into the community, obtain jobs, and learn new skills.

With the help of the Comcast Foundation, El Valor was able to open its STAR (Sensory, Technology, Assimilation, and Reintegration) Digital Literacy and Sensory Room.  The STAR room is where the exploration of therapeutic sensory items and engagement with education technology meet. The smaller setting allows engagement to be more focused and meaningful. One of the many innovations in this room is a fiber optic calming shower, which allows individuals to sit in the center of the cascading light optics.

With the support of our friends at Comcast, El Valor can continue to further our participants in their quest towards independence through employment, activities of daily living, and improved health and wellness.