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All age groups and professions are welcome to work with El Valor’s program participants

El Valor was founded in 1973 by visionary leader and mother, Guadalupe A. Reyes.  She dreamed of a community in which all members, including her son with special needs, could live, learn, and work.  From its roots in the Latino community, El Valor has grown into a multicultural organization committed to building stronger, more inclusive communities by supporting adults with disabilities, promoting early childhood development, enriching youth, strengthening families, and encouraging leadership.


Groups and individuals interested in volunteering, should reach out to Emma De Biasio at with a completed application form.

Volunteer Application Form

Individuals interested in an internship should reach out to Emma De Biasio at and specify which program area in which they are interested.



El Valor welcomes all age groups and professions to volunteer at its Children and Family Centers, as well as its numerous programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Individuals interested in volunteering at El Valor can work in various aspects of the programs including:

Park Services

El Valor is building an active relationship with two local parks, Harrison Park and Potrowski Park, where they are partnering to design and deliver special recreation and supporting research to promote greater accessibility.

Day Program: working with adults with developmental disabilities

Students could be involved in Special Olympic preparation, arts activities, or other developmental support in partnership with El Valor staff members.


Residential Program (evenings): working with aging/disabled people in home settings

Students may participate in developing projects and leisure activities

Youth Programs

Students interested in working with youth after school might participate in academic enrichment programs.  Volunteers with strong skills in math, science, and technology are welcomed

Acquired Brain Injury Group

Staff members manage individual cases in this unit, so student support would be largely office-based.  El Valor also plans to have a diagnostic evaluation component in place shortly, which may be of particular interest to OT, PT, and nutrition students.

Exercise and Nutrition

There are ongoing research and improvement projects in exercise and nutrition.  El Valor is committed to promoting good eating habits, and is always looking for new strategies to implement in all thier programs.

Dietitions/Nutritionists are encouraged to volunteer to assist with El Valor’s food program

Nurse professionals are encouraged to volunteer to assist with El Valor’s physical review


Volunteer in the kitchen at any of the children and family centers.

Read to the children during class time.

Assist with landscaping, painting, or additional types of aesthetic work at any of El Valor’s locations.